Screenings and News

The Pieces of Me is now launching itself into the Festival Circuit. We are hopeful that exposure will happen through the theatrical circuit. For reasons of Festival requirements, which often ask for premiere status there will not be screenings in any other forum for the near future. In the long run, of course, the goal will also be to make the Film available for viewing in a community context. For now: the festival circuit has priority. Do keep tuned in to this website. Other fascinating news on changes to Adoption legislation and other interesting posts will continue to happen in The Blog section.

The Pieces of Me is selected for the Videotheque forum in Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, November 2010.
How cool is that! A chance for industry delegates to check it out,
screen it elsewhere, TV, other festivals, maybe even buy it for Broadcast purposes.
More importantly, the word IS out there, it is NOT going away. The message is getting stronger.
And It’s also engaging and aesthetically, it rates too. Well, that’s my view, the Director. Too close to comment, but there You go.

I’m away taking care of other Business,, Health Business for the next five weeks from tomorrow, Sept. 21 2010. I will be OK though.
Feel free to continue to read and comment and to spread the word.
Thanks to all who Log on once, more than Once and everyone who in any way who has taken time out to read and to consider.
Next step I guess, copies to buy on line, at a fair affordable cost.
The sexier approach is a Full on screening in a Large venue, or ten!
These events that I imagine will happen.

The “Pieces of Me” is screening on Channel M- Channel Manchester on December 2nd.
This is very cool. Im running around getting consent and release forms signed.
Really that’s a luxury complaint though!
Channel M is available on Freeview channel 200 so tune in and we hope you enjoy.
The broadcast details for Channel M are as follows:

First broadcast – Monday 6th December 2010 – 11.30am

(the show is then repeated through the week)


Tuesday 7th – 2pm & 7pm

Wednesday 8th – 10.30am & 8.30pm

Thursday 9th – 2pm & 7pm

Friday 10th – 11.30am

Saturday 11th – 11am, 2.30pm & 6.30pm

Sunday 12th – 10.30am & 8pm

Show Details – Hitting Home – The Pieces of Me
‘How do you find your mother, your Other Mother? Carol O’Keeffe embarks on a quest to find her birth mother. The maze that her search weaves feels like a never ending jigsaw puzzle in her life.’