Sharing my Films at the Womens Voices Conference U.C.C

Its been a long time. Making films is on going.Updating my website has not been so. I resolve to be more vigilant. On that note I have been inspired by participating in the Womens Voices Conference at University College Cork last weekend.I was given an opportunity to share some elements of my work and to even discuss why making Documentaries still matters and why! It was a treat. I was also in the zone of so many other interesting and fascinating Womens Voices. The Queer Cork archive developed and created  by Orla Egan was one. Ailbhe Smyths take on the Eighth Ammendement , her impassioned words was another. There was also a fascinating round table gender discussion, by women walking the walk, taking that brave and necessary step to transition to their true female selves. Caroline from Limerick told us of a heart rending struggle. Anne Byrne spoke of secrets, silence and hidden family histories. All participants shared their efforts to develop community contacts for others in their position. The problems of navigating the impossibly guarded medical barriers were also highlighted. All in all it was a valuable and enlightening weekend. Joanne O Riordan opened the floor on the first Friday morning. Her wit and tenacity were clear to witness. She set the tone for the conference that followed. I have uploaded some of the Films I have worked on, see the Video Clips page. This is  part of a fifteen year Filmography. I shared segments of some of this work at the conference.

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