Maybe the truth

The Mother and Baby Home Inquiry initiated by Dail Eireann has triggered curiosity again for me. Dare I admit there is a glimmer of hope, a glimpse of a possibility that maybe, just maybe all of us affected by Adoption may well one fine day access our birth records. The parameters of inquiry need to be broadened beyond the named Mother and Baby homes: Adoption agencies and their irregular practices  also need to come under scrutiny. For instance, how was my adoption passed off as a legal transaction? My birth was never registered, so there was a critical absence of that  rite of passage document: my Birth Certificate. C.P.R.S.I, were the Adoption Agency that stood over this irregular practice. I was told in 2012 that they accepted my Baptism Cert in lieu of my Birth Certificate as a shortcut to processing my adoption of 1971. This is merely one example of the myriad contradictions, omissions and pressures that functioned as a scaffolding of secrecy on which the institution of adoption was built. As it stands, this is my view, coloured by my own experience.

Susan Lohan of Adopton  Rights Alliance flagged some of the institutional corruption inherent in the Irish adoption picture  on the Sean O Rourke this morning.Today With Sean O Rourke Tuesday 20 January 2015 – Today with Sean O’Rourke – RTÉ Radio 1  Well worth a listen to her. We certainly need to broaden the scope of the Inquiry, it is a beginning however. That feels unnervingly promising after these years in the wilderness.


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