Exciting work on Le non Dit

I want to check in after the Adoption Conference. It was a positive experience. I got the opportunity to listen to and meet Philomena Lee, an amazing lady with a heart rending story I also had the opportunity to screen my Film, “The Pieces of Me” I have re-connected with some people who participated in my experimental piece, called “Le Non Dit” wherein conversations, unfettered and as free flowing as possible happen on screen: The idea was to gather people in my living room, create a ‘hang out ‘ kind of space and to record the chat that happened over one particular evening. The common thread between my guests was they were all in one way or another involved in an adoption process. Birth Mother, Birth father adopted children and siblings of  an adopted person. The theme was the unsaid, to somehow get between the lines of thought censorship and emotional containment that is arguably the psychological landscape of those effected by adoption. This was my hypothesis and I termed this landscape and hence titled the project Le non Dit, This is a French term , it means the unsaid and in everyday terms it refers to the kind of inside thoughts that we often experience, particularly around emotionally charged and complex experiences, thoughts and feelings that remain unsaid. Often this landscape remains invisible, yet it is often where the truth of a situation can lie, the truth for the person involved in the adoption quagmire.So yes, it was and is an exciting and challenging project. I am now piecing together the conversation elements and using them as the basis for a short 20minute exploratory film. The evening went so well that most people revisited my house in the days after and participated in longer individual interviews. These interviews were unprecedented in terms of the impact they had on Myself as Director, on Rob, my trusted camera and lighting guy and on the participants. They have lead to a longer Documentary”: “Conversations” as a working Title. So Yeah, these are the  2 exciting projects that I am now working on. I will  post preview clips soon.

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