Search Angel

I want to say a little about the altruism of those who search for others, those who do this with a heart and a half. These helpers  expect nothing in return. These  people are termed search angels. That is the term I have encountered for these dedicated  individuals who ply their tools in a  seemingly thankless vocation. Anonymity is another key feature of a search angels work. I have an example that probably captures the essence of a search angels invaluable work. I know a woman who spent over 20 years looking for her Mother, was met with the typical relentless gauntlet of social services, adoption agencies, the Catholic Church and any other manner of delays and decoys one could dare to imagine. I know this description sounds dramatic. It is actually typical of the search experience for many of those involved in Adoption: We are not meant to search, to inquire even. We certainly should not need to know. In the instance mentioned,  my friend eventually met a Search Angel at an Adoption Support Group. Within 6 months, with the guidance and practical help from a particular Search Angel, She had located and Met her mother. That is the power of a Search Angels work. These individuals are priceless. They are few and far between. They work voluntarily and unofficially  under the bureaucratic radar . Moreover, their work can often  overturn that entire culture of containment that keeps us from discovering who We are.

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