New Project developing

I want to let people know that a New Project has developed from “The Pieces of Me.” The working title is: “Le non Dit” translating as The Unsaid. I chose this title as I believe there are a whole lot of feelings, thoughts and experiences that remain unspoken for a lot of people involved in an adoption context.  The reasons that stuff often remains unvoiced are probably infinite.The Documentary Production is already progressing – slowly, but surely. I have interviewed Parents who have lost children to adoption and  children who were adopted. I would like to speak with an adopting parent also. The goal of the Documentary is to open up a conversation, an unfettered conversation around the experience of adoption from as many angles as possible. The conversation I am interested in addresses primarily the emotional and psychological landscape of those involved. This is a daunting task in many ways. I believe it is worth undertaking  the process however.  The levels of honesty I have been met with so far are inspiring  me along the production path.

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