A 2011 Irish Screening

Hey All. I have some cool news re “The Pieces of Me”
It won the best irish Film Category at the South Tipperary Film Festival yesterday
September 10th.

.South Tipp winner logo 2011

Here is the URL


It is a festival well worth checking out and Fair play to Will Nugent for
getting it together. Festivals are I daresay no joke. I guess its a huge
undertaking to select organise ands screen a programme of Films..

The questions that were pitched to me at the screening last Sunday really got me thinking.
Has the Documentary affected any legislative change one person asked.
I answered that in itself the Documentary has not achieved that result, but I do believe
that it is contributing to a social and political conversation that is addressing the rights of children,
the autonomy of women and most importantly a kinder more inclusive society for all.
Gone are the days of the “fallen” woman and the “illegitimate” child, We are all
now questioning these outmoded concepts. “Legislation is still some distance behind
this awakening of consciousness. “The Pieces of Me” , every time it screens
is part of that challenging process. Rights of the Mother and child
and Identity of the children surrendered to adoption are still being unacceptably
dismissed by the Irish State however.
Yeah, it really is a Human story. It happens to me my story, but really Im just a focal point
for thousands of people, over 48,000 Irish people alone adopted in the counry.
I know not everyone has exactly my circumstances regarding tracing of relatives.
At the same time however, loss of connection and strain on ones identity
must surely takes its toll on most .Everyone in the adoption triangle on all
“sides” has experienced loss.

For myself, as a documentary Maker, a forum for screening is
ultimately where it is at. I mean, getting the story out there
and screening to an audience is an opportunity to communicate
with a body of people. I never wanted to make Films for my bedroom
or for my pals. I mean I guess when a message and a sequence of imagery
is strong enough to touch at least some strangers in a strange new place,
that’s when I figure it really is important to reach people and even more so,
it is possible. If even one person takes a second glance at a situation in our world
and sees it from a different angle, well that is a Film worth making.

Now and again that kind of symmetry does occurs and when it does it is magic.
Well really, that symmetry is inspired by some ‘force ‘ bigger than Me.
Tonight feels somewhat like that: The Midas touch has visited me for an instant.
It passes through though, an elusive gift.

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