Response to a Marian Finiucane Radio Feature

I just thought I wanted to include this response I texted onto the Marian Finiucane Radio show on March 26th, 2011.
Yeah, it does take me forever to organise my technical and psychological meanderings! Below is a fairly knee jerk response from me.
It relates to a business idea that an entrepeneur was proposing regarding inviting individuals to trace their lineage in Ireland.
In itself, it was logical and surely a good business idea also. I suppose my reaction is a voice from the disenfranchised: That feeling of
“well it’s fine for them, but how come I don’t have the same rights and how come that in the public domain, this seems to go as an accepted given. No-one is too outraged, no-one is talking about that. There is no adopted person on the RTE “Who Do You Think You Are?” Programme??? Well clearly if there was an adopted person on, the programme would descend into a comedy of errors! Maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing. It would still be Better to be SEEN. We have all sat in Joyce House, we all made phone call after phone call, We have all prayed in the small Hours…Anyway here it is, my uncensored child like truth. That part of me that feels it isn’t fair and that it’s a privilege to actually know ones background , that part wishes those who do know could recognise it as a Privelige. Hey, Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m self 0bsessed??Maybe it’s a God given Right? Maybe not?? Ultimately We all Bleed the same, I know that too. The fact that I even have this website means I am in countless ways priveliged…..
My respone to Marian Finiucane Show” Marian, that is a great idea regarding tracking ones roots and engaging with the wider diaspora. Your contributor is surely onto some thing there.As an adopted person, however, who is by default denied access to my family lineage, I find it difficult to not react. This denial of access is state fostered, supported and persists even in 2011.The child part of me wants to ask. What about me? Where do I belong? With whom Can I belong with? Who can I ask? Where should I explore?What maps should I search? What Documents should I trawl through? When will I know I am home?I am one of thousands in Ireland who is denied by the church and state, denied access to my History. I do wish your contributor the best in relation to his business venture. It would be cool if your show would touch on the matters I have outlined some week. Regards, Carol

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